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Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty - Peace Day Video

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Peace Day was a VHS release by the rock band Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty. It is the earliest known live video recording of Maynard James Keenan before he joined Tool.

It consists of the band's only known concert, performed on public access television on April 17, 1987 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It marked the first appearance of the band's quintet line-up, consisting of Maynard James Keenan (vocals), Kevin Horning (lead guitar), Todd Horning (rhythm guitar), Stan Henderson (bass, occasional backing vocals), and Tom Geluso (drums). These members, with the exception of Henderson, also performed in Maynard's first band, TexA.N.S.

One highlight of this show is their performance of "Burn About Out", which features some of the same lyrics as one of Tool's first well-known songs, the 1993 single "Sober". This video has always been one of the most elusive Maynard rarities out there. Years of people bogarting their collections have made it almost impossible to find anywhere but ebay and youtube. You can also download their two albums, Fingernails and Dog House, from my other site 'tool militia' over at . I hope to have a FLAC version of Fingernails added soon.

All apologies to MJK, who sports a black leotard, sandals, and a mullet throughout the show. Maynard of course went on to chop the mullet and form Tool, thereby un-gay-ifying any past glam-rock indiscretions. Although Maynard would probably prefer this video never see the light of day, it has become a piece of rock history and therefore requires a permanent home at The Tool Archive. If anyone has access to a higher quality version of this video, please let me know. All versions suffer from relatively low quality as it was originally taken from a VHS.


All songs written by Maynard James Keenan and Kevin Horning, unless noted.

1. "If A Friend" - 3:25 (Keenan/"MMM"/"Doug"/"Tom")
2. "Surprise" - 3:07
3. "Waiting for the World" - 2:33 (K. Horning/Tex Porker)
4. "Wait Now Cry Now" - 5:14 (Keenan)
5. "Burn About Out" - 3:12 (Keenan)
6. "25 Hours" - 3:03
7. "Mandango Lover" - 3:26
8. "Interview w/ Maynard" - 1:52

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